Bed Bath & Beyond
Corporate Design
     This project associates Bed Bath & Beyond with a feeling of adventure that arises through the process of decorating a home. Homeowners work with pristine and empty rooms the way artists work on blank canvases. The message we want to convey to them is this:

     “Sure,building your home can be a daunting task at first but it quickly turns into athrilling journey as you sail past beautiful and extensive aisles at Bed Bathand Beyond. Be ready for surprise offerings that lurk around the next aisle andtake comfort in knowing that there are guides for every step of your journey.”

     Thisjourney ultimately produces living surroundings that are tailored tohomeowners’ specific tastes and quirks. When exhibiting the products in theirhousehold to guests and when the products become part of a homeowner’s personalidentity, Bed Bath and Beyond becomes a badge brand—a brand that people wouldbe proud of showing off.

     Thesignature uses Lubalin Graph LT font in bold and italic bold, a sturdyslab-serif font that gives an impact. The main part of the logo comes from the“&B” which draws positive associations to the brand, including a sailboatfor adventure and an infinity sign for its vast array of choices. The blue waschosen to evoke cleanliness that comes from a fresh new home. The violetsymbolizes the magical transformation from before to after, the imaginationneeded to create such a grand transformation and the initial adventuroushomeowner that started the whole journey.

     Forthe stationery, the signature is placed on the top left of the envelope andletterhead. A crop of the “&B” peeks up from the bottom margin to capturethat feeling of anticipation that comes from opening a new piece to add to yourhouse. Just imagine the curious eyes of children in the family that wonder whatnew items Mommy and Daddy brought home today. The collaterals feature how thesignature would appear on a building and shopping bag. For the shopping bag,the signature is placed on the front and an enlargement of “&B” is placedon the back. The “&B” extends into the violet spine of the bag to show thesurprises around every corner and aisle. The manual features an acetate sheetwith a pattern made of “&B”s and overlays the white logo over violetbackground on the next page so that the little ships show through the white ofthe logo. Everything else is printed on matte paper that is coated on bothsides. To finish it off, the manual is slid into its own box, which again,suggests the anticipation that comes from opening something new. It also adds anecessary degree of seriousness to remind designers how precious a brand’simage is and why they should follow the manual.

     Overall,this signature breathes new life to an aging brand by giving it a message thatconsumers can hold on to on the emotional level. Bed Bath and Beyond is notjust a company that sells things to fill up space your homes at good prices. Itis a brand that cares about consumers, and caters to their expectations andbundled excitement towards creating your home, your lifestyle and ultimately,an extension of who you are.
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