Neverending Journey

This video short shows nature running its course on the deceased deer we passed, the muscles we cooked and the path we walked.
"Waves of Clarity" : Process-driven Photos

     Thisprocess explores how we remember past events depending on how long ago theevent was and how awake we were at that particular moment of time. Time servesas an external factor that we can’t control. As it passes, details of oldermemories start to fade and loose the color quality that more recent memories haveso the amount of desaturation applied on a photo is partly due to the age ofthe memory. How awake or conscious we are at the time the photo was takenserves as an internal factor that we have limited control over depending on howand when we use our energies.
     My collection oftwelve photos revolves around one day. To reflect the two factors mentionedabove, the photos taken in the morning would be more desaturated than thephotos taken in the afternoon because the memories of the morning are older bya few hours. However, the ones taken at the end of the day are also moredesaturated than the ones taken during the afternoon because by that point, wewere so exhausted from hiking that we were all half asleep.
     This alternationbetween desaturated (or fuzzy) memories and vibrant (or clear) memories existsin everyone’s mind but how the alternating pattern looks like would vary foreach person. By following this process, people would create works under thesame theme but produce various results within that theme.
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