Kunoichi Jing in Central Park
Class project highlighting various sections of NY; 6 spreads for Central Park
     This class compilation interprets the various areas within NYC. Each student was assigned an area and six spreads in a book to showcase their interpretation of the area. My spreads focused on Central Park and how it serves as an escape and place for solace from the city jungle that surrounds it.

Text in the first spread:

     "I visit Central Park when I want to get away from the myriad of Lego buildings lining the city--not that there aren't plenty of concrete beauties around here but sometimes I'm just in the mood to see more of nature. My memory bank doesn't have any book-log of camping adventures or forest hikes so Central Park is the closest I've ever been to vast amounts of trees and foliage. It's nice to wander around into the deeper sections where I would be surrounded by trees that are tall enough to blotch out the view of any surrounding structures outside. This park is my to go place to hike around in, relax and recharge. At just a $2.25 ride away, it's perfect for city people on a budget.

     Here is where the filler text starts. This box should be packed with meaningful text which you can fill in with your own creative and wonderful imagination. For instance, think about what Central Park means to you. Is it simply another plain old park or do you relate it to something else? Do you perhaps have a special, secret spot within the park that you pride yourself in finding? Insert more questions here. If you actually read this text box, I thank you for playing along with my little game. But really, this box is just here for design purposes. Have a nice day and don't forget to visit Central Park once in awhile (if you're in NY)!"
Published in the 1st Annual Macaulay Press
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